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The study program seeks to formulate a global framework and competitive advantage, especially in facing global competition. Openness to interact with various strategic supports is a very important basic trait and is a tool to move faster, and is also a tool to develop competitive advantage. One of the evidences that the study program already has a competitive advantage at the national level is the number of students' interest. The enthusiasm of new students who enrolled in the Office Administration Education Study Program (S1) in 2020 was 3225 students with a capacity of 86 students (read more on the page: This means that 1 new student seat is contested by approximately 37 registrants. The level of tightness is quite high. Another position as a competitive advantage is the accreditation score of study programs that have been accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education achieving superior results/ranking (A).


Referring to these conditions, developing a global competition strategy for the Office Administration Study Program (S1) to improve the competitiveness of human resources needs to be carried out by all parties. One of the efforts made is the zeroization program for lecturers with master's degrees and directing lecturers to further study at home and/or abroad. The zeroization program for lecturers with a master's degree is one of the efforts to increase global competition. The teaching staff in the study program have several different educational backgrounds, thus complementing the learning needs. Besides that. The teaching staff are young lecturers who have high enthusiasm accompanied by creative ideas so that they strengthen the position of the study program in society and the world. In addition, teaching staff are members of associations and have competency certifications in various fields of office administration issued by the National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP). In 2021, has conducted joint research between Yogyakarta State University and Universiti Teknologi Mara, Shah Alam, Malaysia.

The following is a list of lecturers with international academic and professional experience.

Dr. Samsudin Wahab (Universiti Teknologi MARA Shah Alam).
Research Title: Student’s Behaviour and Performance In Online Learning: The Role of Social Media YouTube As A Learning Source

Dr. Sutirman, M. Pd
Yuliansah, M. Pd.
Yudit Ayu Respati, M. Si.
Clarissa Yovianingtyas, M. B. A.
M. Hanafi, M. Si

List of lecturers with international competitions experience

The 1st International Short Video Research Proposal Competition. 
MARA University of Technology Shah Alam (Yuliansah)