Eight DUDI Signs Collaboration with AdP UNY - Establish Internships and Practitioner Lecturers

Eight representatives of the Business and Industrial World (DUDI) signed a collaboration with the D4 Office Administration (AdP) Study Program, Yogyakarta State University (UNY). Some of the collaborations that will be carried out include Field Work Practices (Internships), both for students and lecturers, as well as collaborations with Practitioners Lecturers.

Head of UNY AdP Study Program Purwanto targets to collaborate with 13 DuDi in November this year. The goal is to prepare graduates who are suitable for the needs of the world of work. "In November this year, it is almost certain that there will be 11 DUDI," he said at an event held at The Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta, Tuesday (27/10).

“Previously, we had held a meeting to evaluate the Field Work Practice and the Socialization of the Cooperation Plan. It was attended by 9 DUDI representatives and today we are signing the cooperation,” he added.

Purwanto explained that in addition to internship practices, this collaboration is also to involve practitioner lecturers in lectures. Until now, there are at least 13 courses taught by practitioner lecturers from a total of 40 courses in the UNY AdP major.

"So, through this collaboration, we also ask ladies and gentlemen from DUDI to be able to teach in our study program," explained the head of the study program with 207 students in the third semester. On the same occasion, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, UNY, Siswanto, said that the world of education, especially vocational education, requires cooperation with DUDI. His party really appreciates DUDI's good response to jointly educate the next generation. "Because in this case we can't afford it alone. Hopefully this can provide benefits to both parties," he said. He added that these 11 collaborations were good achievements from the 5 collaborations targeted by the Faculty of Economics for the UNY AdP study program. “Maintaining it is more difficult than starting. I hope that this collaboration will be nurtured and maintained so that the harmony between educational institutions and DUDI is well established,” he advised.

Slamet Wahyudi, Head of BTN Syariah Yogyakarta Branch Office said that this collaboration program was deemed very suitable. Through this collaboration, each party is expected to learn from each other. “We can learn about administration, as we used to do. From us, my friends can also learn about banking,” he said.

Agus Dianto Human Resource Qhomemart BJHome Yogyakarta Building Supermarket welcomed the collaboration with the UNY AdP department. Several internship proposals, he said, had also entered his company. "I have conveyed it to the leadership and the response has been positive. We also provide opportunities for other study programs,” he said.

Similarly, Regional Administration Support Manager of Bhinneka Life Yogyakarta, Taufik, hopes that this collaboration can continue. In fact, his party is ready to accept internship students from the AdP UNY study program. “We actually have given a challenge so that there are interns at our place. But the information is that it is not time for an internship at this time,” he explained. Rr Chusnu Syarifa, chairman of the UNY AdP cooperation committee with DUDI hopes that in the future this collaboration can be sustainable and harmonious [sigit].