Fun fishing competition by Ziradgo Event Organizer

Ziradgo Event Organizer, on Sunday morning, October 10, 2021, held a fun fishing competition in the village of Tampungan, Berbah, Sleman, Yogyakarta. This activity is carried out to fulfil the task of the event organizer course. The committee of the fishing competition comes from ADP FE UNY D4 students of the employee class.

The number of hobbyists fishing mania in the present era, then at the fun fishing race event the quota of participants is limited to only 30 participants. The covid19 pandemic is still taking place, and of course, before the participants held the fishing competition had qualified covid19 free, as well as running the prokes that the race committee had determined.

During the course of the fun fishing race many exciting events. Some giant catfish mascots who have eaten the bait of Fishing participants always managed to escape breaking the strings. It certainly makes all participants talk to each other with jokes and laughter usually done by the participants fishing. The activity of the fun fishing competition organized by the Ziradgo Event Organizer is to strengthen the rope of silaturohmi and guyup rukun, which has been hampered due to the ongoing covid19 pandemic. With this casual fishing competition, it can be a reunion that makes fun for fishing mania participants.

We feel happy after two years of vacuum from the world event organizer. With this activity, the organizers can get an idea of the world of event organizers. And do not forget we give congratulations and success to Ziradgo Event Organizer who has initiated and organized this event, and hopefully with this activity can motivate other event organizer friends, said Rr. Chusnu Syarifa Diah Kusuma, S.A.B., M.Si as a lecturer guided subject of event organizer in his speech. In addition to the lecturer, the event was also attended by the academic supervisor of employee Class D, Prof. Dr Muhyadi. Head of Education Department of office administration Drs. Purwanto, M.M., M.Pd. And another lecturers.