International Scale Competencies Adjust Curriculum, ADP Accommodates Stakeholder Input

Yogyakarta: Applied Undergraduate Study Program for Office Administration Education, Faculty of Economics, UNY needs to equip students with global-scale competencies. The goal is to open up opportunities for graduates to work in international companies. For this reason, the Office Administration Applied Undergraduate Study Program held a review of the MBKM curriculum (Independent Learning Campus Merdeka), Friday (29/10/21). Internal and external stakeholders attended the event. The drafting team, lecturers, and students represent internal stakeholders. The IDUKA (Industry and the World of Work) and associations represent external stakeholders. Invited associations are from ASPAPI (Association of Indonesian Office Administration Graduates and Practitioners), AVPAPI (Indonesian Office Administration Vocational Study Program Association), AVOPAPI (Association of Vocational Education and Practitioners), and IVETA (International Vocational Education and Training Association)

IVETA member Dr. Sutirman, S.Pd., M.Pd emphasized the importance of global scale competence, considering that transactions between countries are now widespread. According to him, currently, graduates need to have skills such as export and import administration. "It needs to be strengthened. So when you graduate, the opportunities are not only in domestic companies," he said. The importance of international administrative ability is agreed by Fajar Indra Prasetyo, President Director of PT. Nusantara Technology Education. The man who is also developing an international scale business said that some of his partner companies were constrained in running a business simply because they lacked human resources and skills in that field. "So when ADP students are given export and import administration skills, when they graduate, many companies will really need them," he said during a curriculum review event to create a link and match between the Vocational curriculum and the needs of IDUKA (Industry and the World of Work), Friday (27 /10/2021) at Platinum Adisucipto Hotel & Conference Center, Sleman.

Meanwhile, Hendri Haryanto of PT Buma Cipta Rasa Otamah suggested that ADP graduates need to be equipped with business skills, especially Business Sustainability. This includes business models, financial management capabilities, to taxation. "That's very important. And no less important is that it needs to be instilled in the minds of students about the entrepreneurial mindset. There is a difference between an entrepreneur and a trader. The key to entrepreneurship is building assets,” he explained. Head of the Applied Office Administration Study Program, Drs. Purwanto, M.M., M.Pd welcomed input from stakeholders. These inputs will later be used as material for curriculum preparation so that there will be a match between the learning provided and the needs in the world of work. "In addition to providing input, Iduka is also a place for students to get direct learning outside the campus or internships," he said. Secretary 1 for Student Affairs and Curriculum UNY Wates Campus, Drs. Joko Kumoro, M.Si said that the collaboration between the campus and the Iduka demanded vocational programs. He hopes that this collaboration is not just black and white. There must be a realization in the form of actual activities. “It can be in the form of internships, street vendors, research, lecturer practitioners or other forms. This is an effort to bring students closer to the business world and the industrial world," he explained. “We ask for the assistance of the Iduka leaders to provide opportunities for students so that when they leave campus, they have work experience. Or create jobs," he added.

Taufik from Bhinneka life insurance said, “The curriculum that has been prepared is in line with our field. We are open and provide opportunities for students to do internships at our place related to office administration.” As for Dina Fauziah, Office Administration Alumni said, “The skills taught, such as multimedia, event management, have made us accustomed to facing our current job. Like when we had to create a virtual background, we learned that in college. Our suggestion is that students are equipped with the ability to use Google Drive, Spreadsheets.” Anton Wahyu Prihartono, Chief Editor of Daily Jogja added,”Now we need the ability to create creative events. Not just running events. I think students need to be able to create creative event concepts.” (Git/Cs)